Time Place Space 2018


Taking place across 10 days at the Lake Condah Mission and in Natimuk, this much revered interdisciplinary lab featured 36 artists from across Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan and Singapore.

Presented by Arts House and co-facilitated with Josh Wright, Antony Hamilton, Victoria Hunt, River Lin and Amala Groom, TPS asked artists to explore adaptive arts practice and experimental art. We were honoured to spend time with Aunty Eileen Alberts and the Gundjitmara people, at the Lake Condah mission.  

TPS was an extraordinary challenge, and a tremendous privilege.  

18 - 28 April, 2018 - more info here.

Images below by participating artists Kemi Niko, and Emily Sexton. Featured artworks by Aviva Endean, Rebecca Riggs-Bennett, Kemi Niko / Amy Spiers / Romanie Harper, Julia Carr and Dale Collier.